Looking Ahead 2024: New and Emerging Risks Impacting Corporate India"

Shujath Bin Ali

10/21/20231 min read

I was honored to engage in conversation with my fellow panelists at "Looking Ahead 2024: New and Emerging Risks Impacting Corporate India" at the South Asia Ethics Summit-Virtual organized by Ethisphere

.🚀Evolving Risks: Explored evolving risks with a focus on being ready for new challenges (such as geopolitical, supply chain, cyber security, ESG, digital/data protection, AI, compliance).

.🔐Data Protection and AI-Related Risks: Addressed data protection in a world where artificial intelligence is a driving force, emphasizing the significance of ethical AI use and stakeholder collaboration.

🌿 ESG Risks: In-depth discussions on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks, focusing on sustainability and ethical business practices.

💼 Ethics and Compliance: Discussed the role of corporate culture, employee engagement, and creative training programs in mitigating ethics and compliance risks.

🎯 Objective-Based Risk Management: Highlighted the importance of aligning strategies with clear objectives to navigate uncertainties while maintaining a strong ethical compass.

🚀 Enterprise Risk Management: Efficient enterprise risk management is the keystone of strategic decision-making, safeguarding assets, reputation, and organizational goals.
Sessions at the South Asia Ethics Summit were nicely designed and curated by the Ethisphere Team. Kudos to Kevin McCormack and Aarti M. for fostering this essential conversation.