AI in Legal World

Shujath Bin Ali

10/20/20231 min read

a group of people sitting at a podium with a speaker
a group of people sitting at a podium with a speaker

I had the privilege of sharing my insights at Panel Discussion organized by Legasis Private Limited as part of Compliance 10/10 on Evolution of AI, Generation AI (Gen AI), and Legal Tech, and I'm thrilled to reflect on the incredible discussions and ideas that were exchanged. 🚀

Below are a few discussion points:

1) AI Evolution in Legal Tech: We explored the ongoing AI evolution in law. AI advances offer opportunities for law firms and in-house teams to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance decision-making.

2) AI Use Cases: We discussed AI applications in law, from contract analysis to legal research, litigation, discovery, and compliance management, freeing professionals for strategic work. I am sure many use cases will evolve over a period of time.

3) Internal Legal AI: Imagine a legal AI platform with documents, case studies, judgments, and business insights, benefiting various departments of the company.

4) AI Risks: AI adoption poses bias and data privacy risks; addressing these concerns is crucial for ethical progress.

5) AI for Access to Legal Justice: Open legal AI can enhance access to justice for the underprivileged through basic legal aid.

6) Open AI for Law Students: An open AI platform offers legal students access to diverse legal resources for education and research.

Thanks to Suhas Tuljapurkar, the event organizers, and the engaging audience. AI is reshaping the law, ushering in innovation and accessibility. It is important for all of us to continuously learn, stay relevant, and learn more about the evolution of AI in the areas of governance, law, risk, and compliance.

Please add your perspectives, thoughts, and additional resource links to the comments section on AI, Gen AI, and Legal Tech as we continue to collaborate and learn. 📲